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Surveys and analytics for State Agencies to

Get Statewide Community Insights

Gather representative feedback with community engagement tools that help with planning, budgeting, and federal reporting. 

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Allocating resources across an entire state is a complex process. Smart decisions require informative data.

Needs vary from region to region. Providing equal and effective support is difficult, especially with challenges like:

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The growing urban-rural divide

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Siloed information making decisions difficult

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Maintaining fairness and equity

Polco’s community surveys capture data from residents in each county to give decision-makers clear insights on the diverse strengths and challenges throughout the state. Learn how Polco's engagement tools for state agencies work. 

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Get a bird's-eye view of the needs across your state

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Avoid Uncertainty

Confidently know where to allocate resources with the statewide insights directly from residents.

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Shape Policy

Bring together broad perspectives from community members across the state that benefits the entire region.

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Build Vibrant Communities

Adequately support local governments so they can sustain a high quality of life.

States agencies can hear directly from residents across their entire region. How Polco works:


Conduct Expert Surveys and Polls

Get a tailored consultation and guided tour of Polco.


Analyze Unbiased Data With Context

Leverage data insights and community engagement to make informed decisions.


Implement Findings Into Plans and Budgets

Show you are listening and act on the feedback that impacts quality of life.


Work together to make decisions backed by statewide community data. 


60,000 survey questions answered


30+ years of benchmarking data


30 million American voices represented

The comprehensive community engagement platform that gives you everything you need.

Reach Your Community

  • Pre-built and custom Surveys
  • List management
  • Multi-channel outreach
  • Nationally representative benchmarks

Evaluate the Results

  • Statistical relevance
  • Demographic representation
  • Validated results

Make Informed Decisions

  • Performance dashboards
  • Deep dive - drill-down capabilities
  • Ready-to-use reporting
  • Sharable visualizations


Nationally benchmarked surveys delivered on Polco designed to engage your entire community

Polco helps government officials understand the diverse needs in the counties, cities, and towns across their state. With reliable data on livability from verified residents, states will be better equipped to make budgeting and planning decisions that filter down to the local level. They will have a clearer understanding of how the different regions within their state interact and affect one another. Plus, many states use Polco data as evidence in their federal reporting to ensure they receive the maximum funding.

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