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Presented by Polco and National Research Center


As today’s communities move through rapid change, government leaders face rising demands and unprecedented challenges - in everything from economic downturns to shifting climate and much more.  But the good news is the smartest solutions to any wicked challenge can be found through the same reliable, systematic approach. In this webinar brought to you by National League of Cities (NLC), Polco presents the proven formula that any government can use to successfully take on any community issue. 

In This Webinar

  • Discover the proven formula for finding solutions to any wicked challenge.
  • See highlights from Polco’s nationwide database that all community leaders should know.
  • Hear examples of governments successfully facing their own challenges through a process of evidence-based decision-making.

Can’t make the date? No worries. We will email the webinar recording and show notes to all who register.


Join Chris Adams for "Rethinking Budgeting in Action"

Live: June 8,  3PM CT Register now.

State and local governments have long relied on last year’s budget to make next year’s budget – historical precedent is the primary determinant of how much money is allocated to each line item. The simplicity of this approach to budgeting has advantages, but it’s backward-looking, not forward-looking, and can make governments slow to adapt to change and potentially lose touch with the needs and priorities of their communities.

Frederick County, Maryland, and the City of Denton, Texas, are addressing common budgeting challenges by deploying new tools that enable them to better manage the budget process. Learn more about their budget modernization journeys, challenges they face, and tips for success during a webinar hosted by Government Technology and Questica on June 8.

Our panel will feature Aimee Kaslik, Chief Strategy Officer for the City of Denton; Tanya Kauffman, Budget Staff Software Integrator for Frederick County; Stefan Baerg, Head of Enterprise and Mid-Market Sales for Euna Solutions; Mike Bell, CEO from Envisio; and Chris Adams, President of Balancing Act.

During this live, interactive webcast, we’ll explore best practices for integrating approaches to:

  • Constituent engagement
  • Strategic planning
  • Budget preparation and management 

Visit eRepublic to Register Now.

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