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GPAL – Government Performance Action and Learning 

The Nation’s Most Reliable Community Database for Government Leaders


Making data-driven decisions possible 

  • Access local and state data curated on one platform
  • Evaluate the key drivers impacting your community
  • Compare your government’s performance to the nation

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GPAL: The best government performance metrics brought to you by leading data scientists, academics, and public sector practitioners.

GPAL curates public data from the nation’s most trusted sources. Experts spent thousands of hours curating, cleaning, and integrating hundreds of data points into one user-friendly platform.

GPAL Collaborators

GPAL empowers governments to:

  • Measure performance across all areas of community livability - Track up to 10 domains including economy, public safety, health, and more.

  • Visualize your data in user-friendly dashboards - See your data reports in ready-made, sharable graphs and charts.

  • Know where your city stands compared to the nation – Benchmark performance with community livability scores.

  • Take a holistic approach to data-driven decision-making – GPAL data complements your other Polco engagement and assessment projects for the best-informed initiatives.

Introducing the AI data analyst Polly, trained on nationwide Government Performance Action and Learning (GPAL) Metrics

Polly2 Flip GPAL – Government Performance Action and LearningSee your city’s government performance data faster than ever before with an AI analyst. Save months of time on data collection, analysis, and reporting. Streamline information gathering for strategic planning, grant writing, budgeting, and more. With Polly, governments of all sizes can now make data-informed decisions easily and efficiently. 

GPAL – Government Performance Action and Learning Track Dashboard
GPAL - Government Performance Action and Learning Data Dashboard

GPAL makes informed government decision-making simpler and faster.

  • Streamline strategic planning
  • Win grant funding
  • Inform budget allocation
  • Get instant community livability reports
  • Measure city performance  
  • Make data-driven decisions easier

Where do GPAL data come from?

GPAL data are available on Polco through one proprietary national database—developed through decades of research and work with local governments. GPAL includes dozens of public datasets from credible sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US Census Bureau, and many more.

GPAL also incorporates data from The National Community Survey (The NCS) by Polco. The NCS represents over 50 million American voices and is the largest public opinion database of its kind.

gpal datasets examples GPAL – Government Performance Action and Learning
Impressive work
Nothing else matters

Transforming government decision-making the GPAL database curated specifically for the public sector

“We now have this library of indicators to pull from that were already visualized, already trended, already benchmarked that it made the process of getting from a concept to execution so much easier."