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Civic Communication that Counts

Polco improves how residents and community officials communicate. 

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Polco was designed from the ground up, in partnership with dozens of communities 

Respondent verification

Everyone can respond, but you'll know who we verified as your residents or voters.

A dedicated audience

As residents participate, they join your Polco audience and are notified of new questions.

Insightful data dashboards

See all results in insightful data dashboards that include maps of responses.

Automatic PDF reports

View results online or export to PDF to share with colleagues, staff, and elected officials.

Mobile apps

Residents can access your questions online and on our free mobile apps.

Embeddable questions

Embed questions on your web site to reach respondents where they already are online.

Social media integration

Automatically notify your Facebook & Twitter audiences when you post new questions.

Informed engagement

Don't just ask questions. Provide background information and follow-up to explain outcomes.

Expert support

Lean on our team to help craft high quality questions and design outreach campaigns.




Post individual questions and surveys along with background information to a continually growing audience of residents. Respondents create an account the first time they respond, which helps verify respondents and ensure no one responds more than one time per question.



Share your Polco questions and profile broadly - through social media, newsletters, on your website, and in-person meetings. No matter where a resident hears about Polco or sees a question, they can respond and you can have the confidence that no one's response is counting more than once.






View real-time dashboard of participation rates and local sentiment. See who you're reaching, who you're not, and how they feel about key topics and issues. See this information broken down by verified voters and all respondents, by age, gender, district or ward, and many more dimensions.

Fast and easy for staff

Post questions and background materials in minutes. Use Polco to unify numerous channels of online engagement by sharing questions broadly and directing residents back to Polco as the single safe, reliable place to have input. Automated reports and PDF exports making sharing results fast.


Take Polco for a spin

See what's it like to post questions and receive verified analytics

Do It Yourself

Try our self-guided tutorials on how to start engaging your community. 

See Results

Burst out of the gate with our promotion best practices, or consult with our team on custom respondent attraction solutions.

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