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Make Your Voice Count

You have an incredible opportunity to have a say. Community leaders want your opinion on topics that impact you.

Polco brings your voice to your community leaders through free, easy-to-take online surveys and polls. When you sign up for Polco, your privacy is guaranteed.

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Privacy Matters

Your privacy matters immensely to us — it’s at the core of our mission. When you take a survey, or register for Polco, your personal information is never reported or sold. Decision makers will see survey results in group form.

At the end of a survey, your community may ask you to provide your email address. The Polco platform only uses your email address to notify you when your city has posted another survey or poll.

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We’re Reinventing Community Engagement. Welcome to Polco.

Stand Up and Be Heard

You are the authority on what it is like to live in your community. Polco allows you to share your views with local leaders who want to know.

Bring Civility Back

Tired of social media fights and shouting matches in City Hall? Polco allows you to have your say in public affairs without the drama.

Feel Empowered and Make a Difference

Speak your truth on Polco. Be connected and valued as you help leaders make community decisions.

Voice Your Opinion Without The Hassle

When you register for Polco, you’ll get an easy, personalized experience. You’ll be notified of new surveys from your community so you can always be involved.

Together We Can Move Forward

Your voice is important. Thank you for sharing your opinions about community issues that matter.
Give your feedback today! Respond to a national study or take surveys in your area.

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