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Community surveys and analytics for Health Departments to

Gain Resident Insights To Make Better Health Decisions

Gather sentiment and representative feedback on crucial issues to improve community wellbeing. 

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The health industry already has a lot to manage with limited time and resources. Adding community engagement to the list may seem out of reach.

Healthcare industry workers juggle many responsibilities. It can sometimes feel like:

finance icon-1

Your staff and budget are stretched incredibly thin.

science icon

You wish you had more insight from residents so you can provide necessary support.

time icon-2

You don’t have the time to gather community feedback.

build icon-2

You’re lacking the right tools to engage the public on health issues.

misinformation icon

You need to combat misinformation.

no data icon-1

You’re struggling to report outcomes with insufficient data.

Health care employees often don't have the time or the means to engage with residents. But working with residents can help leaders uncover important health priorities and issues. See how Polco surveys and online tools help you gain health insights directly from community members so you are equipped with data to make informed decisions. 

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Gain the right insights to prioritize and execute health services with confidence. 

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Reduce the risk of a crisis

Identify potential issues before they become problems

resident input icon

Receive reliable results

Make decisions based on validated residence input

community health icon

Build a healthy community

Take actions that will have the greatest impact

Decision-makers can create better health outcomes with resident engagement. Here’s how Polco works:


Conduct Expert Surveys and Polls

Get a tailored consultation and guided tour of Polco


Analyze Unbiased Data with Context

Leverage data insights and community engagement to make informed decisions


Implement Findings Into Plans and Budgets

Show you are listening and act on the factors that most impact the quality of life


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You’re already making heroic efforts with limited resources. We make it easy to capture resident input to guide decisions. 


60,000 questions answered


30+ yrs of benchmarking data


30 million American voices represented

The comprehensive platform that gives you everything you need

Reach Your Community

  • Pre-built and custom Surveys
  • List management
  • Multi-channel outreach
  • Nationally representative benchmarks

Evaluate The Results

  • Statistical relevance
  • Demographic representation
  • Validated results

Make Informed Decisions

  • Performance dashboards
  • Deep dive - drill-down capabilities
  • Ready to use reporting
  • Shareable visualizations


Don’t let limited resources hold you back. Use Polco to assess health in your community.

Public health services are at the lowest they’ve been in a decade. With greater demands and fewer workers, the healthcare industry is stretched even more. With Polco for community health, agencies can connect to residents, identify concerns, and make the right decisions.

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Make Informed Decisions with Confidence

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