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Community surveys and analytics for Law Enforcement Agencies to

Build Trust Within Your Community

Gain data-based resident insights, understand public safety priorities, and take action with confidence.

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Law enforcement has to combat crime, keep communities safe, and maintain equity in the face of criticism.

Sheriffs and police agencies juggle many responsibilities while under pressure. It can sometimes feel like:

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So much of your good work doesn’t get recognized.

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You need more clarity on how to best serve your community.

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You wish you had more time to engage with your residents.

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You have no way to measure effectiveness in building trust.

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Internal performance data doesn’t align with community sentiment.

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You need to know where to provide support to boost employee morale.

Working with residents results in a safer and more connected community. Use Polco’s engagement tools to uncover exactly what’s important to those you serve, so you can provide better services and strengthen trust. See how Polco surveys and online tools let you easily connect to community members.

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Law enforcement agencies use Polco's engagement tools work with residents and build a safer tomorrow.

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Avoid Making Uninformed Decisions

Stop guessing about what is important to your residents and uncover real community insights to take action.

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Gain Trust and Support

Use real data to align your efforts with your community's priorities to enjoy working together.

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Keep Your Community Safe

Deliver quality results and become a leading example in law enforcement.

Law enforcement agencies can strengthen trust in their communities through employee and resident engagement. Here’s how Polco works:


Conduct Expert Surveys and Polls

With Polco, you receive feedback that represents your entire community with expert-created engagement tools.


Analyze Unbiased Data With Context

Leverage data insights and community engagement to make informed decisions


Implement Findings Into Plans and Budgets

Show you are listening and act on resident feedback. Align your priorities with what is most important to your community members.


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You can improve safety services with community engagement. We make it simple.


60,000 questions answered


30+ years of benchmarking data


30 million American voices represented

The comprehensive community engagement platform that gives you everything you need.

Reach Your Community

  • Pre-built and custom surveys
  • List management
  • Multi-channel outreach
  • Nationally representative benchmarks

Evaluate The Results

  • Statistical relevance
  • Demographic representation
  • Validated results

Make Informed Decisions

  • Performance dashboards
  • Deep dive - drill-down capabilities
  • Ready to use reporting
  • Sharable visualizations

Nationally benchmarked surveys for law enforcement

  • Context - See how scores stack up to peer organizations
  • Expert validation - Have confidence in results that are representative and strategically valid
  • Reporting and visualizations - Easily evaluate and engage with stakeholders


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Law enforcement can work with residents to strengthen trust and build a safer community.

Trust in the police has fallen by 20% since 2020. Trust lives at the root of most law enforcement issues today. Without trust, services suffer, staffing issues arise, officers do not feel valued, and communities feel less safe.

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Make Informed Decisions with Confidence

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