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Community Assessment Survey for Older Adults

The Nation's Premier Older Adult Survey

Create a community that appeals to and supports the aging population.

With the Community Assessment Survey for Older Adults (CASOA) you can learn directly from the residents themselves how to best accommodate the needs of older adults in your community.

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Aging Services Professionals and Local Government use CASOA for:

Program and capital planning



Inter-agency engagement

Performance monitoring and service evaluation


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Tried and Trusted 

The Community Assessment Survey for Older Adults™ (CASOA™) provides the answers to how older adult needs and strengths will affect your town, city, county or state.  Your CASOA results will give you confidence about planning for today’s older adults, and tomorrow’s.

CASOA summarizes the key dimensions of community livability, drawn from the perspectives of older adults themselves. This national benchmarking survey also compares the responses of older adult residents in your jurisdiction to the opinions of others across the country.

Developed by experts in survey research and aging services, CASOA provides a clear description of the community’s readiness to serve the needs of the aging demographic. CASOA shows local governments and Area Agencies on Aging the dimensions of older adult life and the public services in most need of improvement.

CASOA Services

Regulation & Compliance

AAA Regulation and Guideline Compliance

Accurate Demographics

Scientific methods reflect your older adult community

Advanced Reporting

Interactive reporting of results on Polco

Benchmark Comparisons

Benchmark comparisons with other local government employees across the country

Geolocation Services

Tracking of results and response rates by geographic area 

Expert Analysis

Survey conducted and analyzed by a data-science practitioner

Plans & Pricing

CASOA is available with the Polco Performance Plan subscription.

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