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Track Overview Dashboard
Public Community Data All In One Place

A high-level view of your city’s quality of life so you can easily make the best decisions for your community.


Useful public data is out there. But how do local governments put it to use? 

Public community data lives in siloed sources, which makes it too difficult to track down and utilize.  The Overview Dashboard gives local governments all this public data in one convenient place. 

The Overview Dashboard includes

  • Advanced data analytics to assist in strategic planning, grant applications, and city council alignment
  • Comparable data with communities in your state or with a similar population size
  • Clear information on areas of your community that require attention or funding 
  • Resident sentiment on community livability and governance

Polco empowers local governments to make informed decisions with confidence

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Actionable insights

Receive comprehensive data presented simply, so you know where to focus strategic plans, direct resources, and more.

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Data analyzed by experts

Save time and effort on data collection with pre-built, ready-to-use dashboards specifically about your community.

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Compare your results to national benchmarks

See how your city compares to the US average to better understand your own data.

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Measure changes overtime

Get automatic updates and see how your data changes with time. Know if you’re on the right path or adjust as needed.

Indisputable data for local government decision-making

You can combine public data with resident feedback for the most powerful insights. The National Community Survey (The NCS) is an assessment on how residents feel about their community and government services. See your NCS results alongside public data for a comprehensive picture of your government's performance. 


Where does the Track data come from?

Part of the Government Performance Action and Learning (GPAL) partnership, Polco data science experts collected hundreds of public datasets from trustworthy sources like the US Census. All the data are filtered down into meaningful quality-of-life indicators and presented on the Track dashboards. The indicators show decision-makers how their community performance compares to nationwide results.

How much does the Overview Dashboard cost?

The price depends on the size of your community. If you’d like to learn more about the pricing, talk to one of our experts.

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The best community data for local governments

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