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Track Domain Dashboards
Detailed Data on Specific Areas of Your Community

Community data for decision-making when you don't have the time or resources to collect and analyze it yourself


Useful public community data is out there. But how do you track it all down and put it to use?  

Track Domain Dashboards save you time, money, and effort collecting public data for decision-making and planning. Choose from six different options. 

Leaders use Track Domain Dashboards for data-backed decision-making 

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Actionable insights

Receive comprehensive data presented simply so you know where to focus strategic plans, direct resources, and more.

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Data analyzed by experts

Save time and effort on data collection with pre-built, ready-to-use dashboards specifically about your community.

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Compare your results to national benchmarks

See how your city compares to the US average to better understand your own data.

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Measure changes overtime

Get automatic updates and see how your data changes with time. Know if you’re on the right path or adjust as needed.

Learn more about each domain dashboard

Each dashboard presents a data deep-dive into a specific community topic. 

Economy Dashboard

for Business and Economic Development Leaders

  • Create strategic economic development plans
  • See where you can improve government and business relations
  • Enact business-friendly policies to attract new and retain existing businesses
  • Get insights on how to improve workplace readiness

Safety Dashboard

for Law Enforcement Professionals

  • Get information that supports accreditation
  • Ensure regulation and guideline compliance
  • Know where to allocate funding and resources
  • Inform the creation of citizen academies

Land Use Dashboard

for Planners, Public Works and Parks and Rec Professionals

  • Create long-range comprehensive plans for development with accurate data
  • Save hundreds of thousands of dollars on a strategic project consulting
  • Make data-backed decisions to increase community mobility and accessibility
  • Know where to allocate affordable housing funding

Health Dashboard

for Public Health Officials

  • Understand public health challenges
  • Create comprehensive and strategic plans with accurate data
  • Allocate funding to areas that need it most
  • Improve community health outcomes with informed decisions

Community Connection Dashboard

for City Managers, Mayors, PIOs, and More

  • Inform strategic and comprehensive plans
  • Onboard new council members with community information
  • Know what areas need funding and resources
  • Support grant applications with data

Education, Arts, and Culture Dashboard

for City Officials, Schools Boards, and More

  • Inform strategic and comprehensive plans
  • Get data that supports education and culture grant applications
  • Better understand the educational and cultural landscape of your community
  • Know what areas need funding and resources

Where does the Track data come from?

Part of the Government Performance Action and Learning (GPAL) partnership, Polco data science experts collected hundreds of public datasets from trustworthy sources like the US Census. All the data are filtered down into meaningful quality-of-life indicators and presented on the Track dashboards. The indicators show decision-makers how their community performance compares to nationwide results.

How much do the domain dashboards cost?

Each domain dashboard is available for purchase individually. You can purchase as many dashboards as you’d like. The price depends on the size of your community. If you’d like to learn more about the domain dashboards pricing, talk to one of our experts.

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