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Benchmark Surveys and Beyond

Scientific community surveys are the cornerstone of your community engagement plan– but it doesn’t stop there.

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Use Polco to inform decisions about:

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Strategic plans

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Budgets & fund allocation

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Performance measurement

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Urgent issues in your community

Use Polco to engage residents throughout the year

Quarter 1

Dive deeper on key issues from benchmark survey

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Quarter 1
Quarter 2

Use polls and surveys for controversial issues

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Quarter 2
Quarter 3

Survey about new capital projects

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Quarter 3
Quarter 4

Ask about resident priorities for budget

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Quarter 4
The National Community Survey is our best source of data from the community. Using benchmarks to look at how other communities rate services is really helpful to us so then we can identify where we have a need.
Kate Rusch

Public Information Officer, Estes Park, Colo.

We really like the benchmarks from The National Community Survey so we can see how we compare to other communities across the country.
Lisa Brown

Director of Strategy Management, Rock Hill, South Carolina

The National Community Survey is an important tool to inform city operations by helping us align our strategic plan, departmental work plans and budgets with community priorities. It was a key input in the City Plan update, and will help shape the city’s Strategic Plan update.
Kelly DiMartino

Deputy City Manager, Fort Collins, Colo.

Polco gets you to your engagement goals

Here's what your full cycle of engagement could look like

Get input that holds up to scrutiny
  • Resident verification 
  • Statistically valid results 
  • Representative sample
  • Inclusive methods
  • Local gov and data science expertise 
  • Neutral and unbiased survey questions 
  • Custom-built surveys
Hear beyond the vocal few
  • Online survey platform
  • Hybrid and mailed survey options 
  • Library of expert-designed survey questions
  • Multi-channel outreach
Make informed decisions
  • Interactive data dashboard
  • Compare against peer cities 
  • Time trends and benchmarks
  • Packet-ready PDF reports 
  • Stakeholder presentations
Close the loop with transparency
  • Ready-to-use follow-up surveys
  • Ongoing polls and performance measurement
  • Share outcomes with residents 

Comprehensive community engagement and civic performance analytics software

The Polco platform makes meaningful community engagement not only possible, but enjoyable.

Results With Context

Our benchmark database lets you compare your results to peer communities 

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Custom Questions

Develop custom questions for your community with your project manager 

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Scientific Survey Methods

Get representative input & results you can trust with a random sample and open participation survey components 

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Ready-to-Use Surveys

Engage over time with survey questions developed by survey science experts 

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Polco Live

With real-time polling, local governments can easily hear from more of their communities during public meetings and events - remote or in-person

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Actionable Livability Indicators and Data

A community livability overview and domain deep dives to assess where your community is at and where to apply greater focus based on public data sets, validated survey data to understand satisfaction and importance factors.

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