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Budget engagement for local governments


Prioritize allows users to rank and order budget projects they find most important. Data provides deeper insight to support decision-making within a fixed budget or one-time expense such as stimulus funds. With a user-friendly design, a Prioritize simulation can be created in an hour or less.

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Use Prioritize with residents or internally 

Many local governments operate in silos, which can make budgeting decisions difficult. With Prioritize, governments can collect data cross-departmentally for better internal alignment. 

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Highly informative results, including weighted and unweighted scores.

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Allows users to decide what to include in a given budget, and then rank order their selections.


Unique consensus analysis shows how many stakeholders will have at least one of their choices included.

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Provides context to possible selections with images and descriptions so users can make more informed choices.

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Enables good decision-making based on the support of stakeholder and audience preference.

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Highly graphic and interactive display.

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“The Prioritize tool helped us to make the [Participatory Budgeting] voting phase feel more dynamic, modern, and community-led. The tool allowed us to be adaptable and bring the civic process out into the community, making it easy for a wider variety of participants.”
Kiki Turner

Deputy Director of Communications and Public Affairs for the Department of Finance at the City and County of Denver

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Align internal departments or residents and governments around the must important budget projects with Prioritize by Polco. 

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See how Prioritize works

Try it out for yourself. Take a self-guided demo.