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Polco Live

Make Live Audience Feedback Useful and Engaging

Discover a better way to get real-time feedback at live events.

Polco Live transforms static presentations into interactive, visual experiences that are engaging and fun. Your organization can gather useful information instantly, while encouraging audience participation at the same time. Polco Live brings you feedback seamlessly along with online streamed events, webinars, video calls, in-person meetings and conferences.

Polco Live is included in the Premium and Performance plans, or may be purchased alongside a Free or Basic plan.

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Create an Interactive City Hall Experience

Polco Live is designed to upgrade the civic engagement experience. With real-time polling, local governments can easily hear from more of their communities during public meetings and events - remote or in-person. You’ll get shareable, reliable results to help you take action now.

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Polco Live Is Fun and User-Friendly. Your Audience Can:

See Polls

Add Comments

Answer Questions

Watch Live Results

Polco Live
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Polco Live Is Informative and Secure. You Can:

Embed Live Video Streams

You can integrate various streaming services for a completely virtual community engagement experience.

Get Data Visualized for Each Poll

You can see overall results, most popular comments and any demographic breakdowns included in your Polco Plan.

Post Multiple Questions at Once

You can create new polls while the event is happening and view results and comments as they come in.

Add Security to Online Engagement

Polco Live runs on the Polco engagement platform, which features verified responses. Say goodbye to random internet troll “bombs.”

Use Polco Live to Engage Audiences for:

Budget Plans

Public Comment

Programs and Initiatives

Policy Development

Strategic Plans

Performance Measurement

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