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Surveys, simulations, and benchmarking for Parks & Recreation Leaders to

Deliver the Best Park Amenities for Your Community

Engage residents in prioritizing park programming and investments and make the most out of your outdoor spaces. 

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Keeping your community satisfied with your parks & recreation amenities is overwhelming

Most parks and rec departments rely on expensive contractors. Without the proper surveys, simulations, and benchmarking data  to help: 

fund wrong projects - icon-1

You risk funding the wrong things

bench icon

Your facilities sit empty

recruitment icon-1

Programming participation is low

lose confidence icon-1

You can’t make progress on critical projects

budget icon

You’re missing out on funding opportunities

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You’re left guessing about what your residents value most

And that leads to added pressure and constant stress. We don’t want that for you. That’s why Polco has helped hundreds of local governments overcome these Park & Recreation challenges. We can help you too.

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Make confident Parks & Recreation decisions with Polco’s surveys, simulations, and benchmarking data

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Avoid funding the wrong things

Don’t waste time and money on projects your residents don’t value.

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Give your community what they want

Use surveys and data to identify your community’s top parks and rec priorities.

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Love your active community

Make decisions with confidence, create lasting change, and build a vibrant place to live.

Align your parks and recreation plans to your community's expectations. Here’s how it works:


Engage residents

Gather input and encourage community member participation.


Identify what’s important

Find out what park projects matter most to your residents.


Take Action With Confidence

Implement findings into your projects and programming.


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We know that running a successful parks and rec department isn’t easy. We’re here to help.


60,000 questions answered


30+ years of benchmarking comparisons


30 million American voices represented

The comprehensive parks and rec platform that gives you everything you need.

Comprehensive public data about your city collected and analyzed by experts. See important community data all in one place. Measure data points over time.

  • Actionable data for strategic and comprehensive plans
  • Data to align city council and city managers on important issues
  • A go-to source for grant application data and evidence

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Gather community member input on any topic at any time with customizable or templated surveys, polls, live events, and simulations.

  • The simplest and fastest way to interact with verified community members
  • Build support by showing residents the real constraints government leaders face
  • Collect high quality data for strategic planning and budgeting

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Get data about your community, from your community. National benchmark comparison surveys that help you identify priorities and see where you stand next to the national average. 

  • The most representative community data available 
  • Align your goals with what matters most to residents
  • Use data for prioritizing, planning, and budgeting

Learn more about Assess

Engagement tools that build resident support for your local government budget.

As a Strategic Government Finance Leader, it’s your responsibility to guide a budgeting process that acts in the best interest of your community. But while you understand the complexities of a city budget, including the tough tradeoffs that have to be made, your residents may not. This misunderstanding is not only frustrating, but also results in public contention when resident priorities are not met.

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Make Informed Decisions with Confidence

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