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Engagement and data tools to

Simplify Your Government Strategic Planning Process

Align decision-makers and community members around the most important issues with data. Craft successful strategic plans.

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Strategic planning is critical to effective governance 

But many organizations lack quality data and engagement tools to inform the planning process. It can feel like:

government strategic planning

You want to get more residents involved but you don't know how to reach them

government strategic planning

There are too many competing priorities over-complicating the process

government strategic planning

You don't have the time or staff for data collection to inform plans

government strategic planning

You don’t know how to measure your plan’s progress

government strategic planning

You need a way to inform council retreats that typically prioritize the loudest and latest

government strategic planning

You need a way to be more transparent with your community

With Polco, you get the data you need for informed strategic plans that solve your community's top concerns.

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Join Hundreds of Other Local Governments Who to Use Polco Data for Strategic Planning

Create More Effective Strategic Plans With Data

Get powerful public information that’s been collected and analyzed by data science experts on one easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Save time and money on strategic planning research - we've done all the data collection for you.

  • Get data points that measure what matters most over time, from fair market rent prices to resident satisfaction with housing and beyond.
government strategic planning

Make Prioritization Simple

With resident feedback on priorities, your plans better reflect community sentiment.

  • With data, you can clearly see what areas of your community need attention in your government strategic planning process.

  • Meet community expectations. Understand what community concerns matter most to your residents
government strategic planning

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How local and state governments use Polco to inform strategic plans 

Make the most of successful strategic plans with Polco's community engagement platform, surveys, and analytics

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government strategic planning

Outcome-oriented strategies

Shape your plans around quantifiable data and measurable outcomes, ensuring that every action contributes to the well-being of your community.

government strategic planning

Action-focused decisions

Don’t rely on vague notions and guesswork. Polco data empowers you to pinpoint precise actions that drive progress and bring your vision to life.

government strategic planning


Stop relying solely on vocal minorities. Polco's data-driven approach ensures that your strategic plans reflect the collective voice of your entire community

Let's work together! Here's how Polco works:


Get a clear view of your city's needs with data

Polco's public data dashboard immediately reveals areas where you should focus your strategic plan.


Understand resident priorities

Use a simple ranking tool to know which projects matter most to your community members.


Shape a data-informed plan

Create a data-driven government strategic plan using your public data dashboards and community feedback data.

Government Strategic Planning

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Join the data-driven revolution today!

Ready to transform your strategic planning process and make a lasting impact on your community? Empower your city or state with Polco's solutions. Let's work together to create outcome-oriented, action-focused, and data-driven strategic plans that truly reflect the needs of your residents.

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