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Surveys, simulations, and benchmarking data for City Planners to

Lead a Successful Housing Plan

Get engagement tools and data that align stakeholders, so you can create realistic plans to reach your community's housing goals.

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Without community support, hyper-local opposition blocks much-needed new housing

There is a nation-wide housing shortage. While most residents want this problem solved, they can’t agree on how. Without a the right tools to help:

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Your housing plans are blocked by a vocal minority

no plan icon housing plan

People resist housing plans without offering an alternative

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It’s impossible to show residents the tough-trade offs necessary to solve the problem

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You have no way to overcome conflict and opposing viewpoints surrounding housing plans

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You miss out on great opportunities to build new housing

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Housing issues get worse because nothing gets done

Get the surveys, simulations, and data you need to gain support from your community so you can overcome resistance and reach your housing goals.

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Show residents what it takes to get your community the housing plan it needs

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Overcome hyper-local opposition

Educate community members on the realities of housing allocation.

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Gain support from your residents and internal stakeholders

Use Polco’s data and simulations to prove your housing plan.

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Lead a successful housing process

Enact supported decisions to advance your community’s goals.

Here’s how Polco helps you create a successful housing plan:

housing plan

Identify actionable housing options

Use data to gain a clear understanding of the housing concerns if your community.

housing plan

Build support for your housing plan

Show residents and elected officials real-life housing possibilities and trade-offs necessary to reach your goal.

housing plan

Create a successful housing plan

Give your community the housing it needs with the support from your residents.

housing-step housing plan

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We understand how difficult it is to overcome hyper-local resistance to your housing plan.

We’re here to help. We provide data and tools to help get your community on the same page with its housing needs. 

10k housing plan

More than 10,000 units of housing have been planned

500+ housing plan

500+ communities use Polco to make supported housing decisions

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Named to Fast Company’s List of World-Changing Ideas

The comprehensive platform that gives you everything you need

Comprehensive public data about your city collected and analyzed by experts. See important community data all in one place. Measure data points over time.

  • Actionable data for strategic and comprehensive plans
  • Data to align city council and city managers on important issues
  • A go-to source for grant application data and evidence

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Gather community member input on any topic at any time with customizable or templated surveys, polls, live events, and simulations.

  • The simplest and fastest way to interact with verified community members
  • Build support by showing residents the real constraints government leaders face
  • Collect high quality data for strategic planning and budgeting

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Get data about your community, from your community. National benchmark comparison surveys that help you identify priorities and see where you stand next to the national average. 

  • The most representative community data available 
  • Align your goals with what matters most to residents
  • Use data for prioritizing, planning, and budgeting

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Much of the United States is facing severe housing shortages.

As a Planner, it’s your responsibility to develop and implement a housing plan that meets your community’s goals. These plans are crucial to solve housing issues, lower housing costs, address homelessness, and other concerns. But while you understand the complexities of a housing plan, your residents usually don’t. Plans are often met with fierce, hyper-local opposition.

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