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Community engagement surveys, tools, and analytics for Local Government Leaders to

Make Informed Decisions with Confidence

Give everyone a voice, strengthen trust, and build a better community.

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Traditional community engagement methods neglect the majority of resident voices. 

Relying on town halls and social media for community input is insufficient, often biased, and can misinform decision-making. Without a community engagement platform to help, it can feel like:  

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You wish you had more data to support your decisions.

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You’re struggling to hear from everyone in your community.

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Residents are losing trust in government.

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Long-term planning and budgeting is challenging.

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You are uncertain that you are asking residents the right questions.

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You’re struggling to get your community engaged.

Working with residents on decision-making forms a more connected community and better results. Use Polco’s engagement tools to uncover exactly what’s important to your residents so you can make smarter decisions and strengthen trust. See how Polco surveys and online engagement tools work. 

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Make decisions together with Polco’s community engagement platform, surveys, and analytics.

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Avoid Making Biased Decisions

Stop relying on generic surveys and social media. Get insights that represent your entire community with expert-created tools and assessments.

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Strengthen Trust

Get the engagement services and resources you need to connect with your entire community and let them know they’re heard by acting on their feedback.

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Move Your Community Forward

Make decisions with confidence, create lasting change, and build a vibrant place to live.

The best decisions come from working together. Here’s how Polco works:


Conduct Expert Surveys and Polls

With Polco, you receive feedback that represents your entire community with expert-created engagement tools.


Analyze Unbiased Data With Context

Leverage data insights and community engagement to make informed decisions.


Implement Findings Into Plans and Budgets

Show you are listening and act on resident feedback. Align your priorities with what is most important to your community members.


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Misleading data can steer you in the wrong direction.  We make it easy to navigate community analytics with clear and accurate insights.


60,000 questions answered


30+ years of benchmarking data


30 million American voices represented

The comprehensive community engagement platform that gives you everything you need.

Reach Your Community

  • Pre-built and custom surveys
  • List management
  • Multi-channel outreach
  • Nationally representative benchmarks

Evaluate The Results

  • Statistical relevance
  • Demographic representation
  • Validated results

Make Informed Decisions

  • Performance dashboards
  • Deep dive - drill-down capabilities
  • Ready-to-use reporting
  • Sharable visualizations

Nationally benchmarked surveys delivered on Polco designed to engage your entire community

  • Context - See how scores stack up to peer organizations
  • Expert validation - Have confidence in results that are representative and strategically valid
  • Reporting and visualizations - Easily evaluate and engage with stakeholders


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Make informed decisions with help from your residents. Learn about Polco’s solutions for community leaders.

Local governments that prioritize community engagement are often better performing organizations overall. Connecting with residents opens up a line of communication, and acting on their feedback cultivates trust. Through community engagement, government leaders can find consensus while also learning from dissenting opinions that may present new ideas. But a lack of time and resources and fear of what residents might say prevent many municipalities from taking the first step.

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Make Informed Decisions with Confidence

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