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Surveys, simulations, and benchmarking for Government Leaders to

Lead a Successful Budget Process

Engage stakeholders in making the trade-offs required to advance your community’s goals.

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Making a budget that everyone agrees on is challenging and frustrating

Without the proper surveys, simulations, and data to help, you will:

fund wrong projects - icon

Fund the wrong projects

lose confidence icon-2

Lose trust from residents who disagree on spending decisions

frustrate - icon

Frustrate tax payers who don’t see the value

choices icon

Make poor decisions due to unproductive infighting

unaligned icon

Fail to align departments with spending goals

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Have difficulty working around budget constraints

These hurdles lead to settling on budgeting decisions that don’t align with your goals. We don't want that for you. That’s why Polco helps hundreds of local governments overcome these budgeting challenges. We can help you, too. 

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Put residents in their decision-makers' shoes. Show community members what it takes to balance a budget. 

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Avoid bad budgeting decisions

Don’t let the vocal minority pressure you into poor choices. Use data to reveal funding priorities.

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Gain support from your residents and internal stakeholders

Use Polco’s data and simulations to prove your budgeting plan.

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Lead a successful budget process

Enact supported decisions to advance your community’s goals.

Let’s work together! Here’s how Polco works:

Conduct expert surveys and polls on the Polco community engagement platform

Engage stakeholders

Gather input and encourage stakeholder participation in making budgeting trade-offs.

Analyze community engagement survey results

Identify what’s important

Analyze unbiased data. Pinpoint the most important budget goals.

Implement community insights

Take action with confidence

Implement findings into plans and budgets.


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While we understand that in order to say yes to the right things you may need to say no to most things.  Your residents might not. We’re here to help.


8,640,000 hours of residents' time wrestling with budgeting trade-offs


Over 150,000+ balanced budgets submitted by residents


500+ communities use Polco to make supported budgeting decisions

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Engagement tools that build resident support for your local government budget

As a Strategic Government Finance Leader, it’s your responsibility to guide a budgeting process that acts in the best interest of your community. But while you understand the complexities of a city budget, including the tough tradeoffs that have to be made, your residents may not. This misunderstanding is not only frustrating, but also results in public contention when resident priorities are not met.

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