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Better Financial Transparency for Local Governments

The Taxpayer Receipt

People are used to getting receipts for regular transactions. So why not for their taxes? Show residents exactly where their tax dollars go with a line item receipt. Promote financial transparency and demonstrate budgeting accountability.

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Most Americans don’t understand where their tax dollars go

  • Lack of tax transparency results in misunderstanding and lost trust in government 
  • Weak trust makes it harder for governments to pass new tax initiatives
  • Without funding sources, governments can’t deliver services to the best of their abilities


Make taxes transparent and straightforward with the Taxpayer Receipt

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Promote Transparency

Provide residents a simple receipt on how money is their money spent

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Demonstrate Accountability

Show your community the value of their contributions

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Engage and Educate

Connect with residents and teach them how budget decisions are made

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The Taxpayer Receipt is easy to implement and use

Residents enter their income and age. Within seconds, they receive a receipt for their taxes.

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Denver Taxpayer Receipt Screen Shot

What experts have to say about the value of a Taxpayer Receipt

“Presenting a taxpayer receipt—an impartial, objective breakdown of how income taxes are allocated—reduces politically polarized views regarding the legitimacy of taxes.”
“Can Information Decrease Political Polarization? Evidence From the U.S. Taxpayer Receipt”

Erik Duhaime, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017

“Simply by sending personalized information in the mail about otherwise complex topics, people can be made more knowledgeable.”
“Information, Knowledge and Attitudes: An Evaluation of the Taxpayer Receipt”

Lucy Barnes, Avi Feller, Jake Haselswerdt and Ethan Porter, 2018

Federal Taxpayer Receipt Collaborator Logos

Try out the Federal Taxpayer Receipt

Polco teamed up with Intuit and Bipartisan Policy Center to create a Federal Taxpayer receipt. Try it now, see where your federal taxes go, and get a sense of how the local government Taxpayer Receipt works. 

federal taxpayer receipt example

Take the next step towards financial transparency

Empower your residents with knowledge. Enhance trust and accountability. Get started with the Taxpayer Receipt.

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