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Online Surveys and Polls

Get input from residents on any topic at any time

With customizable or templated surveys and polls for fast feedback


Government leaders need resident feedback but traditional engagement methods fall short.

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Social media amplifies extreme voices

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An unrepresentative minority shows up to city council meetings

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You can’t differentiate who’s a resident and who lives outside your community online

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It’s difficult to know how to reach under-heard populations

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You want engagement that is more interactive and participatory

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You need community input provided by valid methods you can trust

Reach more residents and collect better data with Polco community engagement solutions

Real Residents

Hear from real residents. Avoid confusion from outside voices and map sentiments down to the district level with Polco's respondent verification.

Fast and Efficient

Save time on engagement. Post a custom or templated survey created by experts on your Polco profile for quick feedback on local issues.

Participant Overview

See which residents are interacting with your surveys and polls. View resident demographics and watch your subscriber base grow over time.

The Polco Library

Expert-written surveys so leaders can quickly understand resident opinions on pressing topics

The Polco Library contains a collection of surveys that governments can use instantly. Designed by Polco’s in-house data science laboratory, National Research Center (NRC), these short surveys address important issues such as economic health, housing, land use, and many others. 

Gather resident input fast with high quality surveys in The Polco Library

Uncover detailed resident insight on any local government topic

Quickly hear from verified residents

Collect data for decision-making and planning initiatives

Save time and money with expert-written surveys that you can easily edit to fit your needs

Hear opinions free from bias and distortion inherent in social media


How to use The Polco Library



Search the Library with keywords on any local government topic.



Select the survey you want to use and save the survey to your drafts.



Use the survey as-is or modify questions to better fit your needs.



An alert will go to residents who follow you on Polco to let them know the survey is live.



Polco automatically produces a convenient link you can use to promote your survey online, helping you hear from more residents.

An effective outreach plan results in better data and builds resident trust in local government

Tips on outreach

Survey response rates are declining despite an active online culture. Local governments need an outreach plan to make the most out of community engagement.

Promote Your Survey

Local governments that actively promote their surveys and engagement initiatives have the highest response rates. More responses means you are reaching more people and collecting better information.

Ways to Promote Your Survey

  • Post on the city website
  • Newsletters
  • Local papers
  • Social media
  • Mail inserts
  • Press releases

Act On Feedback

A central purpose of community engagement is to inform planning. Governments must act on their results by incorporating data and community priorities into plans and budgets.

Share the Results

Let residents know you listened to them. Show residents what changes you’ve made based on their feedback to cultivate community and trust.