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AI Analyst for Government                                                                                                                                

Meet Polly: The First and Only AI Analyst for the Public Sector

Unlock the full potential of reliable AI to save months of time on data collection, analysis, and reporting. Streamline your processes relating to strategic planning, grant writing, budgeting, and more. With Polly, governments of all sizes can now make data-informed decisions easily and efficiently. 

By narrowly focusing on the needs of public institutions, Polco prevents the accuracy and trust issues that can arise in other AI solutions. In the initial release of Polly, you receive Data Analyst support and access to Polco's enormous GPAL data set. In seconds, Polly can analyze performance data and trends, highlight areas where improvement is needed, and identify areas of opportunity. Leveraging this unmatched community data, Polly can instantly draft plans and assist in grant applications, budgeting, strategic planning, and more. As additional capabilities are added, Polly will become an invaluable digital member of your staff, supporting many departments in a variety of areas, including resident engagement. 

To learn more about Polco's offerings, we welcome you to register for a free Polco account. Approved accounts will have access to our Community Livability Snapshot, an overview of our Analytics Dashboard, and basic surveying and polling functions. 

Become an Early Adopter!

 Register for a free Polco account today. 

Introducing the best in AI data technology developed specifically to serve the public sector. 

Meet Polly, Polco's AI analyst, delivering data insights on government performance metrics and public sentiment about your city

  • Don’t miss out on the advantages of data, even without an analyst on staff.Polly the AI Analyst from Polco
  • Avoid risking important community decisions based on assumptions alone.
  • Never again lose months of time on data collection, analysis, and reporting


The AI analyst trained on hundreds of credible government performance metrics.

Polly is fed by the Government Performance Action and Learning (GPAL) database. GPAL curates useful public data from the nation’s most trusted sources. Data scientists, academics, and local government experts invented GPAL to make data-driven decisions easier for public-sector leaders.

GPAL Collaborators

An AI analyst by your side. Make government decision-making simpler and faster.

  • Streamline strategic planningPolco's AI Analyst with Government Performance Data
  • Win grant funding
  • Inform budget allocation
  • Get instant community livability reports
  • Measure city performance  
  • Make data-driven decisions easier