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Engagement tools for Area Agencies on Aging, States, and Local Governments to

Improve Quality of Life for Older Adults

Gain data-based resident insights on community livability directly from older adults. Build a better tomorrow that benefits all ages.

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Older adults will soon be the largest demographic in the US. Government leaders should be prepared for a societal shift.

As the older adult population grows, community decision-makers will face new challenges. Without connecting with older adults in your community to identify concerns, it can feel like:

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It's difficult to plan for the unknown without data to inform decisions.

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You don't know where older adults need the most support.

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You don't have the time or resources to engage the community.

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You don't have the data to justify funding for projects that will benefit older adults.

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You want more feedback so you can effectively allocate resources.

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You're failing to meet federal or state AAA planning guidelines.

Polco's older adult engagement tools uncover exactly what's important to your community's older adult population. Learn more about how Polco surveys and online tools let you collect verified data from residents so you can prepare for the future. 

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Older adults' needs have changed. Learn what they are and how you can offer support with Polco. 

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Avoid Making Uninformed Decisions

Stop guessing about what is important to your residents and uncover real community insights to take action.

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Plan for What's Ahead

A society with more older people has many implications for the future. Be prepared for the new dynamic.

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Improve Life for Everyone

An engaged community of older adults offers many benefits to your community, including fueling the economy and acting as mentors. Their quality of life affects the entire community.

Older adults add immense value to society. Engage to support and improve services for this key population. Here’s how Polco works:


Conduct Expert Surveys and Polls

With Polco, you receive feedback that represents your entire older adult community with expert-created engagement tools.


Analyze Unbiased Data With Context

Leverage data insights and community engagement to make informed decisions.


Implement Findings Into Plans and Budgets

Know the varying needs of older adults in each region in your area and allocate funding accordingly.


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Without community engagement, it's difficult to know what your older adult residents need. We can help.


60,000 questions answered


30+ years of benchmarking data


30 million American voices represented

The comprehensive community engagement platform that gives you everything you need.

Reach Your Community

  • Pre-built and custom surveys
  • List management
  • Multi-channel outreach
  • Nationally representative benchmarks

Analytics Engine

  • Statistical relevance
  • Demographic representation
  • Validated results

Make Informed Decisions

  • Performance dashboards
  • Deep dive - drill-down capabilities
  • Ready to use reporting

Learn about Polco's Community Assessment for Older Adults (CASOA), the only survey of its kind for government agencies and AAAs. 

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Listening to older adults can help governments make smarter decisions for the future.

Until recently, the younger generation has always far outnumbered the older adult population. With advancements in the medical field, fewer births, and healthier lifestyles, this is no longer true. By 2030, all Baby Boomers will be over 65 years old.

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