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Bringing together people, data, and AI to

  • grow local economies.
  • simplify budgeting.
  • create safer cities.
  • bridge information gaps.
  • simplify grant applications.
  • use AI for social good.
  • create strategic plans.
  • hear from representative voices.
  • bring people together.
  • improve outcomes for all.

Access Free Resources

Access Free Resources


AI Data Analyst

Coming Soon: The First and Only AI Analyst for the Public Sector

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See how Polco can help with any challenge you're facing today

Community Managers

Are you tired of basing your city or state’s strategic plans on the opinions of the loudest voices? Do you want to infuse your decision-making with real, location-specific data? We can help.

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Government HR Leaders

Employee recruitment and retention rely on employee satisfaction. See how you can engage your employees, uncover their needs, and transform your organizational culture.

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Budget and Finance Leaders

Tough budgeting decisions just got easier. Know your residents’ budget priorities and educate residents on real-life budget constraints with Polco’s suite of engagement tools.

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Elected Officials

Elected officials want to represent the priorities of their constituents - but competing priorities make that difficult. Connect with your constituents, align goals, and build trust with Polco.

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Small Communities

Polco’s products for small cities relieve communities under 20,000 of the high cost and time burden of data collection. Now smaller communities have access to the same data and engagement resources as larger cities.

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Housing Leaders

In the midst of a nationwide housing crisis, planners and housing officials need engagement tools and data to align stakeholders and create realistic plans to reach community housing goals.

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Make informed decisions with confidence

Build Trust

Initiate public participation and forge connections with your stakeholders

Maximize Public Resources

Optimize your budget with thoughtful, informed planning

Drive Satisfaction

Take action and improve quality of life in your community

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Collect input from your community’s unique demographics, so you represent all voices.



Uncover insights that inform, not confuse.



Attract more participants with secure and anonymous surveys.



Post questions directly to your audience for quick feedback on any topic.



See where you stand next to other local governments and measure your own progress.



Access community surveys created by pioneering survey scientists.

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Community surveys designed by experts

National Research Center (NRC) at Polco is comprised of data and survey science experts who’ve refined and analyzed community assessments for over three decades. NRC methods provide local government leaders with accurate representation of their communities, nationwide comparison reports, and professional data analyses - all exclusively on the Polco platform.  

Stay up to date with NRC’s latest findings.

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60,000+ questions answered


30+ years of survey expertise


30 million voices represented

Someone would come to a council meeting and would be the loudest person in the room. We would make a decision based on that. We wanted to make more data-driven decisions and hear more from our community.
Andy Conyers

Asst. City Manager of Administration, Edmond, Okla.

We asked ourselves, do we have the courage to step forward and see how we’re doing? And then do we have the courage to take on this information and pique the interest of the community to do something different than we’ve done in the past?
Joel Young

City Clerk, Chatfield, Minn.

This is very useful. I can’t tell you how many times we reflect on the community survey results to help guide our policy decisions over the next four years.
Ashley Stolzmann

Mayor, Louisville, Colo.

A lot of communities, especially small ones, have ever-growing demands and never-growing staff. It’s hard to prioritize. The data helps us to evaluate those things, set priorities, and make sure we use our limited resources to get to where we need to go.
Kate Rusch

Public Information Officer, Estes Park, Colo.

Insights to move your community forward

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