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Community Engagement Surveys in Partnership with ICMA

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National Research Center (NRC) at Polco is the International City/County Management Association's (ICMA) preferred provider of community engagement surveys.

Survey research from National Research Center (NRC) at Polco provides reliable insights for local government leaders to help move their communities forward.

ICMA’s partnership with NRC provides cost-effective and accurate community engagement solutions. Local government leaders use NRC surveys for evidence-based decision-making, budgeting, performance measurement and more.

For more than two decades, NRC has served hundreds of local governments and other public sector organizations. NRC is well known for its scientific benchmarking surveys, which let you compare with hundreds of other communities around the nation.

In 2019, NRC merged with Polco, uniting the best in survey research with innovative online community engagement.

Resident and Employee Benchmark Surveys

Pioneered jointly with ICMA, NRC offers and administers a range of benchmarking surveys.

NRC also conducts unique, made-to-measure research for jurisdictions seeking a completely customized experience.

All NRC surveys are now available with a Polco Performance Plan Subscription.

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“As I’ve told our City Council and Executive Staff in the past, National Research Center is one of my favorite vendors — very responsive, helpful and customer-friendly. I appreciate everything you do to make our yearly experience such an enjoyable and gratifying experience!”

Diann Kirby
Community Services Director, Bloomington, MN

“Polco has been very helpful in maintaining conversations and facilitating decision making progress. Decision makers are getting more input and conversations are being continued in the silence between meetings. This piece is important because it is easy for a community to forget that there are so many moving pieces to government, all of which require input from residents.”

Nina St. Germain
Engagement Coordinator, Bar Harbor, ME

“The [survey] will provide another valuable source of community input as we begin drafting a new Master Plan and Strategic Vision later this year … As we shift from planning to action, [the survey] will also provide benchmarks, allow us to track progress and make comparisons to other communities.”

Jim Ritsema
City Manager, Kalamazoo, MI

“Polco's civic engagement platform has worked very smoothly for collecting verified community sentiment on a variety of issues. It has delivered community insights, made it easier for us to hear from more community members, and done so in a way that has been easy for staff to implement and use. The Polco team has been very helpful throughout the process.”

Tim Hannah
Mayor, Appleton, WI