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Data and Engagement Tools for Elected Officials

Experience the Power of Data-Driven Decision-Making in Local Government

Council members want to make the best decisions for their community. But competing priorities make it difficult to get on the same page. Polco equips elected officials with powerful data to align goals and make informed decisions. See how it works! 

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All the Data You Need To Make Informed and Aligned Decisions

Experience Polco for City Councilors

Get instant access to the self-guided demo for elected officials

See What Elected Officials Can Do With Polco

  • Quickly engage your community - Collect feedback on any topic with pre-written online surveys and polls, created by experts.

  • Get public data about your city instantly  - See accurate information about your community curated by data analysts. Relieve staff burden, high costs, and time commitments.

  • Easily understand community priorities - Balance competing demands and optimize resources with an easy-to-use Prioritization tool. Identify and fund projects that matter most to your constituents.

  • Build trust through transparency - Polco’s Taxpayer Receipt shows your residents how their tax dollars are spent.

See Why Dozens of Other Elected Officials Use Polco for Decision-Making

“If you have data to start that conversation, there's no arguing about what's important to residents. There's no arguing about what needs fixing in the community. We have data to demonstrate the biggest needs and we also have data to demonstrate what residents want you to improve.”
Michelle Kobayashi

Principal Research Strategist, Polco

Making Community Decisions Is Easy With Quality Data

Take a Self-Guided Demo and See for Yourself

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Manage public scrutiny

Decision-makers back up reasoning with data and temper outside criticism.

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Collect representative feedback

Gain insight into what matters most to your entire community—not just the vocal minority.

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Foster better alignment

Data and engagement reveal what matters most to residents, so you can gain more support.

Experience the Local Government Data-Driven Revolution! 

Get data-driven insights to make informed decisions. You too can easily connect with your constituents and access quality data for increased transparency, trust, and better outcomes.