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Police Survey Report: How Americans See Public Safety Services Within Their Communities

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Discover key findings, case studies and expert analyses on how American perspectives of law enforcement are changing. Download the 2021 police survey report eBook by National Research Center at Polco.

To best respond and adapt for today’s changing communities, law enforcement leaders need reliable and actionable data about how residents rate local public safety services.

A new, nationwide study by National Research Center (NRC) at Polco reports resident priorities and opinions of law enforcement. These survey results reveal sweeping changes in American perspectives that all police leaders should know.

Exclusive 2021 Police Survey Report eBook

This exclusive eBook presents key data from The National Police Services Survey (The NPSS). With guidance from the Bureau of Justice Assistance Executive Session on Police Leadership principals, The NPSS was created by NRC survey scientists with more than three decades of experience.

Download this free eBook now to discover key findings, case studies and expert analyses. This report can help you better position your police department for community-centered public safety service.

Inside this Police Survey eBook: 

  • Understand how resident safety priorities and evaluations of police have changed.
  • See how Americans view and experience law enforcement differently, according to their race.
  • Learn how one community’s public safety initiatives won the City a national award.
Learn More About The National Police Services Survey (The NPSS)

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“The [survey] will provide another valuable source of community input as we begin drafting a new Master Plan and Strategic Vision later this year … As we shift from planning to action, [the survey] will also provide benchmarks, allow us to track progress and make comparisons to other communities.”

Jim Ritsema
City Manager, Kalamazoo, MI

“Polco's civic engagement platform has worked very smoothly for collecting verified community sentiment on a variety of issues. It has delivered community insights, made it easier for us to hear from more community members, and done so in a way that has been easy for staff to implement and use. The Polco team has been very helpful throughout the process.”

Tim Hannah
Mayor, Appleton, WI

“Polco has been very helpful in maintaining conversations and facilitating decision making progress. Decision makers are getting more input and conversations are being continued in the silence between meetings. This piece is important because it is easy for a community to forget that there are so many moving pieces to government, all of which require input from residents.”

Nina St. Germain
Engagement Coordinator, Bar Harbor, ME

“As I’ve told our City Council and Executive Staff in the past, National Research Center is one of my favorite vendors — very responsive, helpful and customer-friendly. I appreciate everything you do to make our yearly experience such an enjoyable and gratifying experience!”

Diann Kirby
Community Services Director, Bloomington, MN