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Engage your community. Make data-driven decisions.

Join the Small Cities Pilot Program

Finally, making data informed decisions just got easier for small cities and towns. The Small Cities Pilot Program by Polco is tailored specifically for lower population sizes (under 20,000) and affordability. So now you can access the same city data and public opinion resources as larger cities.

Find out how your small city or town can get started.

The Small Cities Pilot Program empowers the best decisions for your community

  • Get public data about your city - See accurate information curated by data analysts. Relieve staff burden, high costs, and time commitments.

  • Choose your dataset – Dive into key aspects of your community. Pick from datasets on land use, economy, health, safety, or others.

  • Engage your community online - Quickly and easily poll residents on any topic. Reach more community members with ease and get immediate results.

  • Run surveys from our Library with one click – You don’t even have to write the questions. Easily publish pre-built surveys from the Polco Library, created by expert public opinion researchers.

Small Cities have long had a disadvantage — until now. Bridge the data equity gap. 

Join dozens of other small governments positioning for success with: 

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Strategic planning

Small Cities Pilot Program

Performance measurement

Small Cities Pilot Program

Community engagement

“In order to solve the housing crisis, we needed some metrics to help us see how we compare to other cities of our size. That’s why the Land Use data was so critical.”
Sue Crawford

York, NE City Administrator

“We have an opportunity to create a culture where the community feels that their voices are heard.”
Rick Shapiro

Oakley, UT Community Leader

"Leaders are used to listening to the people who are the loudest right in front of them. I was excited about Polco because it would give a voice to the rest of the community."
Sheila Ernzen

Kearney, MO City Administrator

Other local governments joined the Small Cities Pilot Program to: 

  • Streamline strategic planning - Polco data shows what aspects of your community require attention.

  • Win Grants – Instant access to data can strengthen any funding application, improving success rates and saving you precious time.

  • Amplify resident engagement – Reach more people beyond the vocal minority in less time.

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