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White Paper: Building Trust in Police–From the Workplace to the Community

police in trust

Get real-life examples on how you can strengthen resident trust in police in this new white paper. 

Police departments that prioritize community policing have maintained strong relationships with residents and navigated through the challenging past few years with more ease.

Your department can, too. 

Trust in law enforcement has wavered in the recent past. Lost trust leads to staffing issues, lowers morale, and ultimately affects police services. 

Learn how you can build resident trust in law enforcement through community policing in this new white paper. In the report, you get real examples from successful police departments nationwide on how they foster community relationships. Learn from their success and put the strategies to use in your own department. 

Presented by Polco and Police 1 by Lexipol, a leading publication for law enforcement news.

In this white paper: 

  • Learn how the Papillion, Nebraska, Police Department maintains its staffing levels with a community-first mindset. 
  • See how the City of Morro Bay, California, involved residents in hiring its new Police Chief. 
  • Discover how the Edmond, Oklahoma, Police Department uses engagement to deliver quality services and achieve high resident satisfaction in law enforcement. 
  • Plus, get a simple four-step guide on how you can improve resident trust in police with engagement.

Download the white paper for an exclusive law enforcement data report 

You will also get exclusive data from The National Law Enforcement Survey  (The NLES) by Polco. The NLES results show Americans' opinions toward police and public safety services. The data reveal where departments can better align resources with resident needs to strengthen trust. 

“[Resident-focused policing] is about getting into the community and making those connections,” Younger said. “It’s about the relationship and the ability for the community to come to their police departments and express their concerns or questions or their love and support. Both are equally important.”

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