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The Value of Visuals

Visuals can enhance the understanding of questions, as illustrated by a sample question.

The Value of Visuals

When you post poll questions, Polco allows you to add visuals, including images, pictures and video. You can also easily add graphs, tables, PDFs and more, which helps respondents better understand the context of the question. 


Why Do Visuals Matter? 


Consider the following question without visuals:


The City Parks Master Plan calls for the completion of the trail circling Silver Lake. Where would you like the missing section of the trail (on the northeast side of the lake) to be located?

     Option A:  At a higher elevation nearer the property lines of the residential homes

     Option B:  At a lower elevation nearer the water

Now consider the same question with the addition of the photos and captions below:


The city currently owns property above Silver Lake’s water elevation, where we can construct the majority of the trail.

Ped trail 1

The proposed dam modifications would allow us to construct the trail at a lower elevation, closer to the water, which places it farther away from the abutting properties.

Ped trail 2



Although the context within the visuals could have been explained in writing, the images provide the information at a glance, allowing respondents to easily understand the proposed location for the dam and trail, as well as have a thorough understanding of the question. 

With visuals, you can help ensure that you’ll get better-informed responses. Plus, your respondents will be able to navigate your questions quicker, which ultimately will help keep them engaged with your questions.