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A Letter from the CEO

Polco's products and services are eligible expenses for the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Join Polco's CEO, Nick Mastronardi, as he explains further.

Polco can provide local governments with the essential resources to assist them in making responsible recovery decisions. We are excited that, in most states, our civic engagement and survey services are eligible expenses under CARES Act: they can be procured with CARES dollars. 

Because many members of our leadership team were previously public servants, we were ready when COVID-19 arrived to jump into action. In fact, we had proactively built a platform to help improve online communications in current environments. We created a series of COVID-19-related surveys that gathered information about how residents were affected and are continuing to fare, which have been used by 58 local governments throughout the country including in Colorado where our survey tools helped Colorado address the impact of the pandemic on its businesses. From the beginning, our products were built to help local governments focus on a strong and healthy recovery. Now, with the help of the CARES Act, these essential services are accessible to everyone. 

Polco cares about the performance success of local governments, residents, and their businesses throughout the country and is excited to provide you with the tools to ensure this happens. Please contact lisa@polco.us to learn more about how Polco can assist you in your COVID-19 recovery planning at no cost to you using CARES Act Funds. 


Nick Mastronardi, PhD, CEO


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