Tools: Printed Materials

If you have a newsletter, utility insert or bulletin board, you can catch folks while they aren’t focused on their screens.

Where to start:

Think about places where people gather or what printed materials you already mail out.

  • Add a filler sheet or a printed message in utility bills.
  • Hang posters or notices at public buildings such as libraries, service centers and City Hall.
  • Hand out fliers at events, libraries, service centers and City Hall.
  • Add a scrolling message on the municipality’s TV channel.
  • Share posters and fliers with other public agencies, businesses and non-governmental partners that may be willing to spread the word.

Design something eye-catching!

  • Use images if you have space.
  • Use a large-enough font if it is going on a wall.
  • Have a call-out box if it is inserted in a newsletter or bill.
  • Be clear and to the point. 
  • Make the URL prominent, and be sure people know what to do.
    • Go to[shorturl] to join.

Example messages

Be heard! Go to[shorturl] to give your input on [topic].

Join your neighbors on[shorturl] to provide input on City planning. More information at [short link to city blog].