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How to Add Images to Your Survey

There are a variety of reasons why you may want to include images in your survey. You may be asking residents to help choose a new logo for your city, getting input on the location of a new park, or asking for opinions on what color to paint a local water tower. 


Section descriptions on surveys are rich text, meaning that you can add images directly into your survey. 


Here’s how: 


Begin by creating a survey or poll.


If you only have one set of images, you should insert the images in the description page of the survey. 



Click on the image icon and insert a URL or upload from your computer. 



If you have more than one image, or if you want the images to be presented further down the page, you can use the “Section Header.” You can use “Section Header” multiple times if you have multiple images and you want feedback on them separately.


Navigate to “add question” at the bottom of the “Questions” page on your survey and select “Section Header” from the dropdown menu. 



Label your section header, and add text and images in the header description. For example, your section header may read “Signage Color Scheme” and the header description may include text and images depicting different signage color options. Label these options so that you can ask questions about the images (i.e. “A, B, C, D”). You may want to say something like, “For the below questions, use these images.”



Next, add any questions you’d like (multiple choice, free text, grid choice, or point allocation). 


Adding images to your survey is straightforward and will help you create engaging surveys. Reach out to us anytime with questions at success@polco.us.