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Polco + NRC

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Subscribe to annual surveys.

Choose from NRC's benchmarks.

Enroll in NRC's annual or semi-annual surveys, such as The National Community Survey. Compare results in your community over time, as well as to other communities across the country.


Representative audiences.

Digitally and with mailers.

Reaching a representative audience can be expensive and challenging, especially online. Polco and NRC have teamed up to bring the best of digital and mailed recruitment, to ensure you're reaching the right representative group for your engagement.


View interactive dashboards.

Of historical and real-time data.

You can post questions and surveys on Polco, then view detailed data dashboards of responses, participation rates, and breakdowns by key dimensions such as age, gender, and part of the community. Monitor this information in real time to understand who you're reaching, who you're not, and how to correct the gap.