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Polco is a simple digital communications tool for bringing elected leaders and their communities together.
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As a legislator, you can post questions and discussions for your constituents on Polco. Test a bill's support by including background details with videos, images, external links, and rich text to help better inform constituents. With Polco, you have the option of posting an ongoing question or conducting a "Digital Town Hall" within a limited time frame. 



Polco's questions are easily sharable to your social networks, email lists, online forums and are even embeddable on your website! Whether they are constituents you communicate with regularly or are newcomers to the political process, our platform is easy to use for everyone.



What you get back is a virtual profile of your district. All respondent responses and replies come back to the Polco database where it is verified and analyzed. We cross-reference against the voter registration database and use that to monitor and report the response rates of, and breakdowns by, different districts, demographics, and more.
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With over three dozen cities on the platform we're helping more citizens than ever engage with their local leaders!

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Test important messages

Before rolling out newly proposed legislation, or while looking for themes important to your aimed policy, test them on your constituents! Multiple question types allow you to engage both those familiar with your platform and newly engaged citizens. You can request a demo here.

Leverage the power of data

You door knock with data. You govern with data. Why not learn about constituent feelings and trends with data? On-demand reports help you stay on top of constituent sentiment and public opinion while game changing analytics let you compare results across age, gender, location, and much more - automatically!

Provide proof

Are a select-few constituents upset with the way you voted? Back up your decision with actual data from your district that proves that the people are on your side. Polco lets you take an immediate snapshot of your district that helps you understand what makes your voters tick, as well as the type of legislation they are opposed to.

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