Why Use Polco?

A brief explanation of the Polco benefits and features that clients find most useful.

Why Polco?

Engagement is an essential part of effective leadership, good governance and strong decision-making. So Polco’s online platform provides timely, ongoing input from individuals within your community and stakeholders on important topics, policies, projects, priorities and performance. 


Verified, Collectible Data

When you ask questions on the Polco platform, we give you immediate results and insightful demographic data. Polco shows characteristics like age range and voting district by verifying respondents against public records, including voter registration lists. Polco can verify roughly 70% of respondents as registered voters in nearly all communities. At the same time, our policies ensure the privacy of individual respondents in reports. Polco gives leaders confidence that they are hearing from the right people and makes decision-makers better informed about respondents’ and stakeholders’ sentiments and values. 

Successful organizations recognize the importance of engagement and use feedback to build stronger communities. Now, our online technology has made that engagement easier and more effective than ever. Polco is mobile-friendly and operates in real time. So it is convenient for respondents to share their opinions whenever, wherever.


Panel of Respondents

When you use Polco, your organization builds a panel of residents or other stakeholders who can quickly respond to future questions. You can engage your growing panel on an ongoing basis, throughout the life cycle of any issue. You can then select which demographic characteristics and mapping styles to report your results with.


Real-Time Engagement with Polco

Hear from real people, in real time, on real issues, with Polco. We invite you to explore these features and all the engagement services available in the Polco Suite.