The Knowledge Base: Top Five Things to Know

By Heather Locke, Research Analyst

Welcome to Polco’s Knowledge Base!


Whether you are new to Polco or one of our long-established clients, you may occasionally have questions. Fortunately, your questions have likely been answered in our Knowledge Base! This resource can help you find everything from the basics of how to use Polco to engage your stakeholders to case studies about how others have utilized Polco to gather data. Below is a quick overview of key things to know that will improve your understanding of Polco.


Here are 5 things to know about the Knowledge Base:

  1. You can find lengthy details about where to find the most updated COVID-19 impact surveys and use them for FREE, and how to post a single question in less than 10 minutes.
  2. You will find content that includes past webinars, best practices on community outreach, how to craft a great question, and an overview of how to use the platform.
  3. You can access the Knowledge Base (KB) from the chat box in the bottom right of your screen when on the Polco site, or on the left navigation “Learn” button.
  4. The Knowledge Base is constantly being refreshed with new information in both written and video forms.
  5. We always appreciate your feedback! If there is content you can’t find and think should be in the Knowledge Base, let us know and it’s very likely one of our Client Success members will make sure that content appears in the KB very soon.