Polco is Reinventing Civic Engagement and Community Input Products and Services

By Nick Mastronardi, CEO

Polco has changed a lot over the last couple of years: undoubtedly for the better, but a lot nonetheless. You may have seen some of these changes to the Polco platform along the way. So I want to take a moment to bring it all together and unveil our exciting new vision moving forward!

Polco is still the civic communication platform that you’ve come to know and love. Now we provide an even wider variety of products and services. Some of these help local governments improve their resident communications. Some help local governments become better data-driven decision-making organizations. And many do both.

Polco can help improve the way you engage your community. Here’s how:

  • The Polco Library: Local government officials can find a library of professional civic surveys in our library. You can access resident satisfaction surveys, as well as deep dives into different departmental areas such as police service satisfaction, economic development, senior services, and many more.
  • Illustrative Visuals and Links: In addition, you can craft new polls and surveys that include images and links to help ensure you get more, better informed resident participation.
  • Outreach Services: We also have a variety of outreach and survey administration services. We can help you poll a random, representative sample of your community. We can help you broadly recruit anyone who wants to provide input. And we can help you coordinate both random sampling with opt-in recruitment on the same topic.
  • Advanced Analytics: As results come in, Polco can show you real-time maps and dashboards of participation rates by age, gender, and district. We can also provide you maps and graphs of overall sentiment in each of these categories to better depict residents’ various needs, concerns, and overall satisfaction. 
  • Exclusive Benchmarks: Our survey scientists can help you build a Polco panel of respondents to accurately and statistically represent your community as a whole. Also, our national benchmark surveys give your results context by providing comparison analyses with peer local governments across the country.

What do you think? If any of these products or services may benefit your community, let us know! We love to help.

There’s never been a more important time for smart, effective community engagement. Our current world presents a lot of critical decisions that community input can help with. And traditional means to get community input through town hall meetings has never been harder. 

There is no better time for us to refresh the Polco experience. And many of these products and services may be eligible for CARES Act reimbursement, if exercised before the end of the year. 

See for yourself. Give us a call at (608) 709 8683, send us an email at hello@polco.us, or simply sign up for the Polco platform for free at info.polco.us.

We are excited to help you use the best tools and analyses available for your community. Let’s work together!

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