Organizational Best Practices for Using Polco 

Structuring how an organization uses Polco leads to successful outcomes.

Organizational Best Practices for using Polco 

Many times organizations are eager to get started once they learn about all of the feedback they can get from their residents, but they struggle with how to structure their engagement. Here are some best practices to follow:

  1. Collect topic ideas from all over your organization, but have only one or two people manage the timeline. 
    Some communities have a small committee meet to discuss general topics to post regularly, but no more than two people should manage the actual posting process by setting deadlines for questions, visuals and other information needed for each question.
  2. Use all departments to publicize organizational questions. 
    Many times in a municipality, the police or other departments have a separate social media presence. All Polco questions should be publicized throughout all departments, so that, for example, followers on the police Facebook page can also see public works questions.
  3. Expand your reach for a broader audience.
    Millennials and post-millennials aren’t on Facebook; they are on Instagram and Snapchat. Consider opening social media channels solely for Polco questions to reach this important demographic. Also reach out to community organizations to broaden your audience.  
  4. Always have input on topics and final question wording, particularly on subjects that might be sensitive.
    Asking clear questions can be tough, and imprecise language can a) not provide the data you want or b) open up a sensitive topic before everyone in the organization is ready. Have someone proofread all questions before they’re posted, to help prevent these issues.