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How to Repost the Colorado COVID-19 Business Survey

Thanks for participating in the Colorado cohort!

The survey will be used to gather data statewide and reports will also highlight regional results - you will also be able to get results for your local area (info below).

How to Promote the Business Survey

This article describes how to create a Polco profile, repost the survey, and view results.

If you simply wish to share the generic link posted by Downtown Colorado, Inc, you can use this link: Survey of Colorado Businesses

1. Create a Polco Profile

(if you have used Polco before, skip this and just sign in)

  1. Start here to create a profile on Polco
  2. For Profile Type, choose City, County, or a Chamber or EDC would pick Organization.
  3. Once you have filled out this form click "Create Account" you will be sent
    a follow up email inviting your to fill out your profile.
  4. Follow the link in the email to complete your profile by simply
    adding a logo and brief description - so respondents easily recognize you!


2. Access the Business Survey

  1. Ensure your profile is active by including an image and brief description of your organization.
  2. Click on "Content" in the left menu or click this link.
  3. On the right side under Recommended Content, you will see the COVID-19 Survey of Colorado Businesses. Click "Repost".
  4. You will view a preview of the survey. Scroll to the bottom and click Repost.
  5. The Publishing Wizard will show you when the survey is set to close and allow you to share on social media, if you choose to do so.


3. Promoting the Survey

After publishing the survey, you will be on the Survey Results page. 

  1. Click "Share Survey" to view sharing options
  2. The easiest option is to copy the Long URL. This URL loads the reposted survey, but the URL is unique to your profile. Respondents who answer the survey from this URL will be included in the overall results and associated with your area.  

The best way to promote the survey is to use existing email address lists you have for businesses in your community.  

Suggested message for email invitations

Email Subject Line:  Help us understand your business' needs to advocate for you  

Dear Business Owner/Manager:

We know this is a challenging time in our community trying to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19. We want to know about your challenges and needs operating a business as we move through this pandemic.  It will help us, and our statewide organizations advocate for you!
The survey will only take a few minutes to fill out using this link:

 Survey of Colorado Businesses  ([YOUR UNIQUE LINK])

Thank you for helping us with this important project!


In addition (or instead of) email invitations, you could promote the survey on your website and through social media.  You want to let your community know why you are asking these questions, and what you will do with the information. Suggested message for website or social media 

As part of an important state-wide effort, {Organization name} is asking our community business owners/managers to tell us how you are dealing with COVID-19 - Please complete this quick  Survey of Colorado Businesses ([YOUR UNIQUE LINK]).

We will also be posting about this on Facebook and Twitter. Please share those messages with other business owners and managers, to ensure participation by a wide variety of industry. Help the voice of the business community be heard!

Please note that respondents will be asked to (optionally) register, this is so we can confirm their location to also assign them to local areas. We promise that their answers are confidential and privacy assured. 

Getting results for your local area (cities, counties) on Polco.

You will be able to view realtime results on Polco on the survey result page. You will also receive the final report from across the state when it is prepared by Polco and National Research Center.

Please note that we originally intended the main survey (posted on the DCI profile) to require registration - which would ensure any responses to that main survey that were from businesses in your area would accrue to your profile. This is only possible if respondents register on Polco. However, we later chose to change this to optional registration, which means only those who registered can have responses shared to more than on profile. Full regional breakdowns will be created in off-platform analyses as the survey does ask for zip code. 

Anyone who responds to your unique link will have their responses included in the results shown on your profile (whether they register or not).

At any point, if you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team using the chat form in the bottom right on the Polco platform. We usually respond within  minutes.