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Posting Your First Questions

A how-to guide to posting your first questions.

When posting your first questions on Polco, you have two basic choices:

  • Choose from Polco's recommended question sets
  • Create your own

Posting Recommended Question Sets

We know formulating questions and surveys can be difficult, especially when getting started. That's why we've created a series of recommended questions to get you started. These questions are applicable to nearly all communities and are great ways to get resident involved early. 

To post a recommend question set, go to the Content Section and look for the "Recommended"  section on the right. You can choose to add some or all of the questions into a new question set. Once added, you can publish right away, edit, or add new questions.

Once published, these questions will act just like any other question you've posted - you'll be able to see results and engagement rates from your content list.

Creating your own Question Set or Survey

When posting your own questions, you can choose to do so either as a question set or a survey. If you'd like to understand more about each option, check out our article on Question Sets vs Surveys.

To post a question set or survey, choose the appropriate option from the top of your Content List. If you chose Question Set, you'll create the question set first and then add questions (you can always add more later). For surveys, you can name your survey, add background information, and then add your questions.

Once you're ready, you can publish your Question Set or Survey.