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How-to Video: Posting COVID-19 Community Surveys

How to access and post the free COVID-19 community surveys to administer to your residents.

This article is specifically for access the COVID-19 community surveys as discussed in our blog post about the coronavirus. The surveys are free and the questions have been created by experts at National Research Center. 

We have five resident surveys:

  • Impact Survey to measure how COVID-19 has impacted your residents.
  • Impact Pulse Survey to be used after the initial Impact Survey to continue to measure resident impact.
  • Resident Readiness/Consumer Confidence to understand your residents' comfort level as officials evaluate how to reopen their community.
  • COVID-19 Economic Recovery Survey (NEW!) to understand resident support of the local economy reopening.
  • K-12 Return to School Parent-Guardian Survey (NEW!) to understand parents'comfort level and concerns about reopening plans.
For Instructions on How to Post the COVID-19 Survey of Businesses Go Here

Accessing the survey

If you do not already have a Polco profile for your community, you may sign up for one here. Once signed in:

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  1. Visit the Content section and look for the Recommended Content on the right.
  2. Choose the COVID-19 Survey and click Add as Draft (you can edit these before you publish the survey).
  3. The survey is now ready to publish. Click on the survey in the list, make any additional edits you'd like, and click Publish at the bottom.

Note: Ensure your profile is active by including an image and description before publishing. You may also integrate social media accounts, but doing so is not required. At any point, if you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team using the chat form in the bottom right. We usually respond within 1-2 minutes.


You want to let your community know why you are asking these questions, and what you will do with the information.  Suggested messaging is below for your website, direct emails and Facebook.

{The City} is asking residents to help us gather information about how the community is dealing with COVID-19.

We will also be posting about this on Facebook and Twitter. Please share those messages with your friends and family, to ensure participation by a wide variety of residents. Be sure your voice is heard. 

Once you have answered the questions, you will be asked to provide your ZIP code to confirm where you live. This lets us know what general area respondents live in. Your response will remain confidential, and your information will be securely stored on Polco. 

We also ask for your email address, so we can contact you occasionally with new questions. Your email will be used only for questions from public agencies that need your feedback.  Your privacy is guaranteed and Polco will never release any of your personal information, including your email address, to any third party for any reason.

(Optional) Allowing guest responses

Engagement is best encouraged through registration and registration also unlocks the ability for deeper analysis. However, in some cases, you may prefer not to use Polco's verification feature (to verify residency of respondents). You can enable guest responses (disable registration) at the bottom of the Create Survey page. Do note that there is a nominal charge (that is waived in a 30 day free trial for new profiles),  and you won't be able to recontact respondents if you'd like to send a follow up question:


Video Walkthrough

COVID Walkthrough v3 - 1080p

Not using Polco yet? Request a free profile here.