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Polco Live How-To

Using Polco’s new live polling feature to conduct real-time engagement at remote or in-person events

With Polco Live, you can conduct polls at remote or live events to get instant input from residents. Whether you are live streaming an event, hosting a Zoom call, or meeting in person, Polco Live can help keep your audience engaged and deliver you feedback and insights. Respondents can vote on polls using their computer or mobile device. Learn more about what sets Polco Live apart from other live polling apps here


When you’re ready to use Polco Live, here’s how. 


You can purchase Polco Live in the Polco Store. Make sure you are logged into your Polco account. 


Create your first Polco Live event by navigating to “Create” (from your Dashboard, the button is on the top right). 


Choose “Live Event.” 

Customize your event with a name and description, including the option to embed live video (YouTube Live or Facebook Live). 


To embed a live video, you will need to copy its embed code and paste it in the “Live video embed code” field.

How to find a Youtube video’s embed code

Follow the instructions under Embed a Video

How to find Facebook video’s embed code 

Follow the instructions under How do I embed a video from Facebook onto a website?

If you're using Polco Live with Zoom or another video conference service, we recommend simply sharing the short URL link for the Polco Live event with your attendees. You can use screen sharing to show the results in real time.

Click “Publish” (your event will not yet be visible), then draft your poll questions by clicking “Create Poll.”

Draft your questions here. You can go back and edit them anytime.

Now that your questions are drafted, it’s time to invite people to your live event! 


Click “Make Event Visible.” This will add a placeholder event to your profile and your subscribers’ feeds that they can use to add the event to their calendars, but no questions will be visible until the event is live. 


You can send an email directly from the Polco platform to join the event by clicking “Share and Manage Access.” 

On the same page, you can restrict or manage access to your live event. 

Once you click “Make Event Visible,” you will see the option to “Start Live Event.” 

When it’s time for your event, click “Start Live Event.” 

Once the event is live, here is what respondents will see: 

Once the event is live and you are ready to post your first question, scroll down to “Open Questions” and click “Publish Now.” 

If you want to create new polls while the event is ongoing (questions you didn’t draft in advance), you can scroll back up to “Create Poll” and your new question will appear under “Open Questions.”


If you want to post multiple questions at once (for example, you want to give responses five minutes to respond to three questions at their own pace), you can publish all three polls at the same time. Respondents will be prompted to move to the next question after they answer each one. 


Event attendees can see the results during and after the event. Both administrators and attendees can view comments below the visual results. From the admin view, results during the event look like this: 

When you are ready to end the event, click “End Live Event.”


To see results after the event, administrators can go to their Polco profile and click on the event. 

Respondents can access the results from “My Feed.” 

Congratulations! You’re all ready to create your first Polco Live event. Reach out to us anytime at success@polco.us with any questions about using Polco Live. 


You can learn more about Polco Live and how to purchase it here