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How to Use the COVID-19 Toolkit

Assess the impacts of COVID-19 in your community using these pre-written surveys

Communities around the country are responding to the impacts of COVID-19 every day, as the pandemic has affected nearly every part of community livability. In order to help you assess the impacts of COVID-19 on your community and plan for recovery, our survey scientists at National Research Center created the COVID-19 Toolkit. 


Toolkits are a curated group of short surveys that cover the input needs of specific entities or research areas (here, the impacts of COVID-19). The toolkit structure provides a deeper dive into a broader area of interest, providing a group of surveys that taken together give comprehensive coverage.


The surveys in this toolkit will allow you to gather critical input from residents that will inform your decisions as you work alongside other local, regional, state, and federal agencies. 


You can choose to post the entire series of survey modules or select a few key ones to home in on a subtopic, depending on interests and engagement goals. Several modules can be copy and pasted into one longer survey, posted individually as a monthly series, or you could post several modules on your profile at the same time (they would be seen as separate surveys). 


Note that some of the question modules are best for residents while others are intended for specific stakeholder groups (e.g. parents, business owners. etc.). Additionally, each question can be customized (edited) to best suit your community needs.


The topics covered in the COVID-19 Toolkit include:


  • Knowledge and Information Sources
  • COVID-19 Exposure and Behaviors
  • Health Care
  • Mental Health 
  • Economic Impacts
  • Food Security
  • Housing Security
  • Employment Impacts/Job Security
  • Education
  • Telecommunications
  • Community Engagement
  • Household Spending

To use these surveys in your community, check out the COVID-19 Toolkit here


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