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Email Invitations and Access Settings

Our new email outreach and access settings will let you reach exactly the right audience every time.

These features are available on all free and paid plans.

Email Outreach

If you have email lists of residents or other audiences, you can now upload them to Polco. Once in Polco, these lists will be available to you when you publish polls and surveys at the Outreach step. You can include any email list(s) you'd like and members of those lists will receive an email invitation to provide input. 

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Access Settings

We know sometimes you don't need or want surveys to be public - access settings is designed to address that. When publishing content, you can now choose who has access to view and respond. You can:

  1. Limit access to only people with have a private link 
  2. Limit access to only people on one of your email lists

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